Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Showcasing your Cards

Today's tip is a quick and easy solution to how to store, organize, as well as showcase your card artwork. Now I know that many of you spend hours creating beautiful cards and if you're like me you like to try and make more than one so you can keep one for yourself.

Now you can store them in one of our My Creations Card boxes, My Creations Recipe/photo box or even the My Acrylix Organizer if you want them out of sight. But what if you still want to enjoy your creation and look at once in a while. I have a great solution that will enable you to store tons of cards while still being able to enjoy your creativity, plus they make a fun artwork statement for any room.

I had my husband go to a nearby Hardware store and buy a set of bi-fold closet doors that had horizontal slats on them. He purchased unfinished wood ones, so we did need to paint ours, but if you want to save some time, then buy some that come pre-finished.

After they were painted and dry he hung them upside down and side-by-side on my wall, and then I was able to hang all my cards on the slats. I love that my display can change as much as I want it to, and I can find inspiration every time I sit down by my computer.


  1. You're ideas are awesome thats what I love about you.

  2. GREAT idea Beckie!!!! I LOVE organizational tips and you just gave me the storing of MAgic templates and the card display :) Thank you thank you for taking time to share! :)


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