Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Magic How-to book and Templates

Today's tip is using the templates from Magic or any of our other How-to books that include templates. Did you know that if you open the back of your Magic book you will find a valuable DVD on the inside of the back cover?

If you answered NO, then I want you to go find your Magic book right away and find the DVD. You can also find a CD with our Originals and Wishes Card How-to books.

Insert the DVD into your computer and then go to My Computer and right click on the DVD drive to open it up. Once you have opened the DVD you should see a file that says Magic templates, and you can click on it. Once you have opened that file, you will see each template and in various sizes.

Open the first one up and then make sure you have it at 100% and then click to print. I used some of our 8 1/2" x 11" card stock in my printer, so my templates would be sturdier. If you have time, then I would suggest you open each template and print them all off at one time. You can cut the templates out later that night or when you have time  (I like to do it when I'm watching tv).

Once you have cut them all out, then store them in our Close To My Heart 8 1/2 x 11 stamp envelopes and keep it right next to where you store your Magic book.

When I need to create a layout from Magic and I need a certain template, I don't have to insert the DVD again, but can open my envelope and find the template. This also works great when you are at a retreat or crop and don't have access to your computer or printer. You will have all the templates you need wherever you are.

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