Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Storing your Re-inkers

Over the 6 years that I have been a Close to My Heart consultant I have slowly begun to collect the Exclusive Inks Re-inkers so I can quickly refresh any of my ink pads. I have a couple of solutions for you in how to store them and the first one is to use a Crop in Style Punch Pal which fits on the back of door and has various sized clear pouches to hold your punches or in my case my re-inkers.

I started at the top with my pinks/reds and put them in alphabetically so I could find them quickly. I also try to have the name in the front so I can see at a glance where a color might be located and can grab it out of the pouch. I store mine on the back of my scrap room door, so no one else really sees it unless the door is closed, and my room can stay looking as nice and organized as possible.

You can also store your re-inkers in the Exclusives Inks re-inker tray that fits on top of the Exclusives Ink Organizer that I talked about last week. The tray is designed to fit 45 of your re-inkers and they do look so nice all lined up in the tray. I don't use this solution because I already had the Punch Pal pouches on my door, and I just re-arranged my punches to make room.

Whichever solution you decide to use, I do hope that you begin slowly adding a re-inker of each color, so you can always have fresh ink pads. Plus you can use those re-inkers with shaving cream, our mix a few drops with water in our spray pens and make a fun splattered background on your artwork.

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