Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tip--How to Organize your card stock

Today's tip is how to organize and store your card stock paper, which I promised to tell you about in last week's Tuesday tip: how to store your Pattern paper and paper kits.

I like to store my paper by color and also follow the classic ROYGBV system and keep my blues and greens together, as well as my reds and pinks, and browns. I like to store my card stock vertically because it takes up less room, and I think it stays in better condition (less wrinkles and tears) then storing it horizontally.

When I was creating my scrap room 9 years ago, they didn't have many stylish options to store your paper vertically, so I had my husband Tedd custom make some drawers that would fit 13x13 file folders and my 12x12 paper.

It took him a few weeks, and he amazed me with his handiwork and skill, and I absolutely love my drawers ( I think I even need a few more--but don't tell him yet, I need to ask when he is in a good mood). Now you can find many affordable options that will fit 12x12 paper, in case you don't have a resident handy-man like me :)

 I store my scraps in a 13x13 clear bag, and the full 12x12 sheets stand in the file folder, so if I need a certain color I can just pull open a drawer and pull out a sheet or two. If I need a smaller sheet, then I pull out the bag and see what I have that might work.

When I need to bring some card stock with me to a crop or retreat, then I use my paper keeper that I organized to hold 4-6 sheets of each color.

To help me find a certain color, I cut apart an old Idea Book that had the colors all listed and I taped it to the file tabs. Before I leave for a crop, I make sure to check my colors and re-stock if necessary. I love being able to bring all 60 colors of my Close to My Heart card stock with me and it doesn't take up much room!

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