Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: How to organize and store your ink pads

This week's tip is an easy solution to storing and organizing your Close to My Heart exclusive ink pads. I absolutely love the Close to My Heart Exclusive Inks organizer, and if you don't already have one then I just have to ask "What are you waiting for?"

The organizer holds 60 ink pads and 76 markers, and if you also have the re-inker tray that fits on top, then you have even more storage (I use my tray for my Acylic blocks) I have an inks organizer on a shelf right above my workspace, so I can quickly grab the color(s) I need.

One little tip that I want to give you, is to put a rubber-maid shelf liner underneath the entire organizer, so you don't have to worry about your organizer accidentally moving if you spin a little too aggressively. Yes, we did have a minor mishap with my kids, so learn from my experience and get something to help keep it in place :)

One questions I am often asked is what order do you store your ink pads in? I don't have a hard and fast rule--but I do try to keep my color family's together and I like to have the colors graduate from lighter to darker.

So for example, I will have my blues on one side starting with Heavenly Blue and ending with Outdoor Denim and then right next to them I will have my greens starting with Key Lime and ending with New England Ivy. I am not too worried if colors get out of order slightly, because I just want to be able to find them somewhat quickly.

After a crop, or if my kids have been using my ink pads, I will need to go back and make some minor adjustments (you will notice that I do need to move my cranberry pad to the other side).

I also love the Exclusive Inks Organizer case, and when I am on-the-go, I can just open the case and slide my organizer right in and zip up the bag in less then 1 minute. Plus I don't have to worry about ink pads or markers sliding out!

I love my Exclusives Inks Organizer so much, that I now have 3 of them to store my personal ink pads, and all my other Close to My Heart ink pads that I need to have on hand for my workshops, classes, and crops!


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