Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Storing your Re-inkers

Over the 6 years that I have been a Close to My Heart consultant I have slowly begun to collect the Exclusive Inks Re-inkers so I can quickly refresh any of my ink pads. I have a couple of solutions for you in how to store them and the first one is to use a Crop in Style Punch Pal which fits on the back of door and has various sized clear pouches to hold your punches or in my case my re-inkers.

I started at the top with my pinks/reds and put them in alphabetically so I could find them quickly. I also try to have the name in the front so I can see at a glance where a color might be located and can grab it out of the pouch. I store mine on the back of my scrap room door, so no one else really sees it unless the door is closed, and my room can stay looking as nice and organized as possible.

You can also store your re-inkers in the Exclusives Inks re-inker tray that fits on top of the Exclusives Ink Organizer that I talked about last week. The tray is designed to fit 45 of your re-inkers and they do look so nice all lined up in the tray. I don't use this solution because I already had the Punch Pal pouches on my door, and I just re-arranged my punches to make room.

Whichever solution you decide to use, I do hope that you begin slowly adding a re-inker of each color, so you can always have fresh ink pads. Plus you can use those re-inkers with shaving cream, our mix a few drops with water in our spray pens and make a fun splattered background on your artwork.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: How to organize and store your ink pads

This week's tip is an easy solution to storing and organizing your Close to My Heart exclusive ink pads. I absolutely love the Close to My Heart Exclusive Inks organizer, and if you don't already have one then I just have to ask "What are you waiting for?"

The organizer holds 60 ink pads and 76 markers, and if you also have the re-inker tray that fits on top, then you have even more storage (I use my tray for my Acylic blocks) I have an inks organizer on a shelf right above my workspace, so I can quickly grab the color(s) I need.

One little tip that I want to give you, is to put a rubber-maid shelf liner underneath the entire organizer, so you don't have to worry about your organizer accidentally moving if you spin a little too aggressively. Yes, we did have a minor mishap with my kids, so learn from my experience and get something to help keep it in place :)

One questions I am often asked is what order do you store your ink pads in? I don't have a hard and fast rule--but I do try to keep my color family's together and I like to have the colors graduate from lighter to darker.

So for example, I will have my blues on one side starting with Heavenly Blue and ending with Outdoor Denim and then right next to them I will have my greens starting with Key Lime and ending with New England Ivy. I am not too worried if colors get out of order slightly, because I just want to be able to find them somewhat quickly.

After a crop, or if my kids have been using my ink pads, I will need to go back and make some minor adjustments (you will notice that I do need to move my cranberry pad to the other side).

I also love the Exclusive Inks Organizer case, and when I am on-the-go, I can just open the case and slide my organizer right in and zip up the bag in less then 1 minute. Plus I don't have to worry about ink pads or markers sliding out!

I love my Exclusives Inks Organizer so much, that I now have 3 of them to store my personal ink pads, and all my other Close to My Heart ink pads that I need to have on hand for my workshops, classes, and crops!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tip--How to Organize your card stock

Today's tip is how to organize and store your card stock paper, which I promised to tell you about in last week's Tuesday tip: how to store your Pattern paper and paper kits.

I like to store my paper by color and also follow the classic ROYGBV system and keep my blues and greens together, as well as my reds and pinks, and browns. I like to store my card stock vertically because it takes up less room, and I think it stays in better condition (less wrinkles and tears) then storing it horizontally.

When I was creating my scrap room 9 years ago, they didn't have many stylish options to store your paper vertically, so I had my husband Tedd custom make some drawers that would fit 13x13 file folders and my 12x12 paper.

It took him a few weeks, and he amazed me with his handiwork and skill, and I absolutely love my drawers ( I think I even need a few more--but don't tell him yet, I need to ask when he is in a good mood). Now you can find many affordable options that will fit 12x12 paper, in case you don't have a resident handy-man like me :)

 I store my scraps in a 13x13 clear bag, and the full 12x12 sheets stand in the file folder, so if I need a certain color I can just pull open a drawer and pull out a sheet or two. If I need a smaller sheet, then I pull out the bag and see what I have that might work.

When I need to bring some card stock with me to a crop or retreat, then I use my paper keeper that I organized to hold 4-6 sheets of each color.

To help me find a certain color, I cut apart an old Idea Book that had the colors all listed and I taped it to the file tabs. Before I leave for a crop, I make sure to check my colors and re-stock if necessary. I love being able to bring all 60 colors of my Close to My Heart card stock with me and it doesn't take up much room!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Affordable Holiday Gifts

Are you searching for a creative, yet inexpensive gift to give that treasured teacher, cherished friend, or adored parent or grandparent? Attend this workshop and complete your Christmas gift list with some adorable homemade keepsakes.

If you cannot attend the workshop, kits are available complete with pictures and directions. Start making your list now, but don't wait too long to check it twice because these affordable gifts won't be available for long.

The first option is this adorable Santa heart that fellow consultant Lisa Stenz designed using our Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge. We will fill it with Holiday candy, and you can slip a gift card in with all the goodies if you want.

The second gift is this fun Pedicure kit in our Wonderland papers and comes with an emery board, foot file, cuticle pusher, nail clipper, toe separators, and lotion, and these items are all packaged up nicely in a hinged-tin. (Thank you to fellow consultant K.Aaron Brown for the inspiration of this gift.)

 The last gift is so cute and fun and is a pair of fuzzy socks (colors and patterns may vary) arranged to look like a cupcake and comes complete with a cupcake topper that is embellished with our prisma glitter.

Be sure to RSVP soon and let me know how many and which gifts you want to create. If you cannot attend the workshop on the scheduled night, but have a group of friends that want to get together, then call me and we'll find a date that works, and I will come and do a custom workshop for you.

Wednesday, November 30th --

from 6:30 PM-8:30 PM

Beckie’s home, Oshkosh 

$5 for each gift

 RSVP By Monday November 21st

Be sure to RSVP soon and let me know how many and which gifts you want to create. If you cannot attend the workshop on the scheduled night, but have a group of friends that want to get together, then contact me and we'll find a date that works, and I will come and do a custom workshop for you.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Studio J--Love Your Layout: October 2011

I love how easy it is to make Studio J layouts and with this fun video I can learn some great tips on how to crop my Stickease and create a beautiful layout using the Wings kit. Visit my website and start playing with Studio J today and begin creating your own faster, simpler, and easier layouts!

You can open a window in Studio J and also have a window open with the video and make your layout as you watch the video. You can pause it whenever you need to, and then when you are done, you can either buy it. or just delete it. The best thing about Studio J is you get to play and learn whenever you want.

If you're interested in setting up a one-on-one appointment with me to learn more about Studio J and create a fun and simple layout please contact me and we'll get a date set!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tip--How to Organize your paper kits

I am asked so many times how I organize my scrap room, paper, supplies, and tools so I thought I would start a new blog post called Tuesday's Tips. Be sure to check in each Tuesday morning and I'll share with you what I have found works for me, and hopefully I will inspire you to get organizing your own scrap/craft supplies.

Today's post deals with the problem of how to organize your paper kits, specifically your Close to My Heart Level 2 paper kits. When the new idea book comes out, I try to order one of each kit right away, so I can have them all on-hand in case I feel inspired to work with a certain pack. Sometimes, my budget doesn't always allow for this, so I pick my favorites and order them first :)

Once my paper comes in, I store my NEW kits in a fun Thirty One square utility tote that is close to my scrap work table. I like to keep all of my new kits and accessories together, so I don't have to take time to go searching through my stash if I am in a hurry to get something created. I also like having my new kits all in one spot, so I can grab the whole tote and bring it with me when I go to a crop.

Once I am finished with a paper pack, or the next Idea book has come out then I pull the card stock out of the bag and file those by color in my file drawers (see next week's post to see how I organize my card stock).

Once I have the pattern paper separated and out of the bags, then I file my paper in some 12x12 vertical paper file holders that are labeled and separated by plastic dividers.

I used to keep my pattern paper all filed together in the bag they came in, including any scraps, but I found that I was running out of room and wanted an easier way to store them. Plus, I now have my card stock all in one place and I have a better idea of how much I have of each color and can place an order for some colors that are running low.

Storing my paper this way, also makes it easier to take my paper with me to a scrap retreat, or to look through my papers easier without having to pull them out of the bag first.

Monday, November 7, 2011

9 Hour Crop!

Are you feeling a little behind, or just want some time to create without any distractions? If you answered YES, then come to my 9 Hour crop and catch-up on those Cherish Club kits you have missed, or finally put photos on those pages.You will have plenty of uninterrupted time to get any type if projects that you want to get done.

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

from 1:00 PM-10:00 PM 

Beckie’s home, Oshkosh 

$5 to reserve your table spot and includes Dinner 

RSVP By Wednesday, November 9th—
reserve your spot early as I have limited spots


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Believe Kit of the Month

Layout #1

 Layout #2

Layout #3

Can you believe that it's November already and time to start thinking about your Christmas layouts, cards and projects? This month's kit--Believe is perfect for anything Christmas and I had so much fun creating with this kit and embellishments.

The Basic Believe kit includes:
Believe Level 2 paper pack $9.95
Felt Holiday Pockets $4.95
Olive Mini-Medleys $4.95
Step by Step Brochure $1.00
4 sheets of White Daisy Card stock $2.00
Exclusive Cutting Diagram FREE
For only $22.85 (plus shipping and handling)

Now if you really want the most bang for your buck you will want to purchase the Deluxe kit which includes everything in the Basic kit PLUS:
Believe “C-Size” Stamp Set $13.95
Glitz Glitter Gel Red $2.75
Dimensional Elements Stars $3.25
For only $38.65 (plus shipping and handling)

Some additional Products you might want to add are:
Z1680 Dimensional Elements Stars (in deluxe) $3.25
Z1484 Red Glitz Glitter Gel (in deluxe)--$2.75
Z2155 Topiary ink pad--$5.25
Z2127 Holiday Red ink pad--$5.25 Z2195
Z2194 Sky ink pad--$5.25

Please contact me to place your kit order and you can either put your Believe kit together on your own, or attend one of my 8 Cherish classes in December

If interested please contact me at beckielehman@yahoo.com and we'll see which class might work in your schedule, or if you are long distance we can order you a kit and I'll email you the cutting guide so you can
create the three layouts on your own.
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