Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You're a Sweetheart!

Just in time for your Valentines Day photos or just to highlight the loved ones in your life is the Sweetheart workshop on the go. My Cherish groups will be ordering these this month and creating them at their classes next month in March.I really loved the fun hearts and pretty flower and spring-like papers, but wanted to create the layouts so they could be used by everyone whether they had girls, boys, or even kids, so I used more of the grey wool and red colors.

 Layout #1 Follow Your Heart (neutral)
Layout #2 Smile
Layout #3 Love
I didn't want to leave out the fun heart pattern paper and Cotton candy card stock so I created an alternate layout for #1 and if you just buy two extra sheets of white daisy, you can create all 4 layouts, and still have plenty of pattern paper left! What a great deal.
Layout #1 Follow Your Heart (Girl version)

The basic Sweetheart kit includes:
Sweetheart Level 2 paper pack
Black Epoxy Sweetheart stickers
1 extra sheet of  White Daisy Card stock
1 extra sheet of Grey Wool Card stock
Cutting Guide for all 3 or 4 layouts created by ME
For only $20.52 (plus tax and shipping)

If you purchase the Basic kit you might choose to add-on any of the following items to complete your ki
Now if you really want the most bang for your buck you will want to purchase the Deluxe kit which includes everything in the Basic kit PLUS:
Sweetheart exclusive stamp set
New Clear Buttons
DE Eclectic Alphabet
Value of over $47.37 for only $43.85 (Plus tax and shipping)

Please contact me to place your kit order and you can either put your Sweetheart kit together on your own, or attend one of my 8 Cherish classes in March. If interested please contact me at and we'll see which class might work in your schedule. 

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  1. Love how you adapted the WOTG layouts! I can't get enough of this sweetheart paper.


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